A flicker of flame in the hot air balloon at a carnival - the red of the rainbow Charcoal and timber at our living room's fireplace that crumbles in your palm, The substandard oil in your motorcycle's engines that fills up to none, I am breathing the warm air that i had made scorch Living [...]


fear (mbti by an enfj)

I have always felt like my interest in the myers-briggs personality tests was out of the ordinary. MBTI just feels like a language to something i've always known... I've always sorted people into categories (subconsciously) and the cognitive function breathes depth into this language. I recently found a notebook that i had kept from childhood [...]

can we

can we be the city where the sky is red in between the passing flights of an "I do" - you. where the rain pours red of emptied broken pavements made rivers. where the people uprise only to form the red sea, gushing at its entrance. can we be the city where the sky is [...]