Volunteering at Lesser-Known Animal Shelters in Singapore (@ The Animal Lodge)

These are professional images pulled from articles published on The Straits Times and Today respectively regarding the animal shelter in Sungei Tengah. I visited The Animal Lodge today with a friend to volunteer for an animal shelter there, we got to know about this volunteering opportunity from Instagram, and now I hope to share my experiences. We [...]



A flicker of flame in the hot air balloon at a carnival - the red of the rainbow Charcoal and timber at our living room's fireplace that crumbles in your palm, The substandard oil in your motorcycle's engines that fills up to none, I am breathing the warm air that i had made scorch Living [...]

fear (mbti by an enfj)

I have always felt like my interest in the myers-briggs personality tests was out of the ordinary. MBTI just feels like a language to something i've always known... I've always sorted people into categories (subconsciously) and the cognitive function breathes depth into this language. I recently found a notebook that i had kept from childhood [...]